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Wallen, Inc.'s detailed inspection provides information regarding the condition of your roll grinder. Our Service Technicians visually and mechanically verify wear on your equipment. We anticipate and communicate potential problems that may affect your production and efficiency.

The bed and infeed ways are inspected for wear and fit. It is necessary for the carriage to fit the bed ways for minimum skewing to prevent tracking while grinding.

Annual inspections are considered good PM and keep the roll grinder in good mechanical condition. This reduces operator problems and machine down-time, as well as improving roll quality and grinding production. Worn parts can be replaced. A new list of parts to be replaced during the following year's inspection is supplied. General cleanup of the roll grinder and necessary machine adjustments are made during this visit.

During our visit, our Service Technicians will update the Roll Grinder Operators with any new products or procedures that will benefit your roll grinding operation. We will assist you with anything that will help you to improve your grinding.

Inspections also provide Supervisors with information for making good management decisions. Any recommendations that we make will have your best interests in mind. We want you to succeed in your endeavors and position.

Upon completion we supply you with an itemized list of the standard wear parts on your roll grinder. We will indicate which parts are OK, which parts are worn and which ones are critical and need immediate replacement.

After an inspection, we will be familiar with your roll grinder and its condition, therefore, we will be better equipped to assist you with any problems over the phone. Please feel free to call us for assistance at any time.

The inspection includes:

  1. Discussion of roll grinder operation with Operator(s) and Supervisor(s) to determine problems.
  2. Inspection of the bed ways: condition of the flaking.
  3. Inspection of the carriage fit to the bed: is the carriage skewing.
  4. Inspection of the infeed ways; check the fit.
  5. Inspection of the wheel head operation, including crowning mechanism.
  6. Inspection of the headstock and traverse drive units.
  7. Cleaning and adjusting the grinder.
  8. Replacing worn parts for immediate needs.
  9. Detailed list of all worn parts.

Types of roll grinders inspected include:

Farrel, Voith, Herkules, Guistina, Lobdell, Waldrich, United, Cincinnatti, Churchill, Landis, Mesta, Poreba, Craven, and Stavele.