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Parts & Accesories

Stock Parts

Wallen, Inc. has available an inventory of spare parts for the Farrel roll grinder as well as parts that are adaptable to all roll grinders.

Spare Parts

Contact Wheels: Wallen, Inc. provides new contact wheels and recovers used wheels. Recovering includes inspection, cleaning, I.D. taper correction, I.D. relief, precision balance, and recovering the rubber with requested durometer thickness and pattern.

Grinding Belts and Wheels: Wallen, Inc. supplies grinding belts and wheels from brand-name companies- 3-M, Norton, and Pacer. Call for a full listing of grinding products for specific grinding applications.

Spindle Drive Belts: Wallen, Inc.'s belts are precision checked and matched in sets of (5) five. This provides smooth tracking and even tension on the belts. Belts: RG-95, RG-112, RG-120, RG-133. Other sizes are available on request.

Cutters-Roll Grooving: Wallen, Inc.'s carbide cutters can be used on rubber as well as the normal application on paper, plastic, or fiberglass rolls. On rubber, they cut faster than High Speed Steel(HSS) and last up to 10 times longer. Cutters are designed for the material and can be sharpened. Please provide the material type when ordering.

Belt Grinding Attatchments

Wallen, Inc.'s BGA(Belt Grinding Attatchment) gives operators all the advantages of belt grinding with a quick change between rocks and belts. It mounts on the back of the wheel guard and has an air-operated tensioning device which gives precise controls.

Electrical Controls

Utilizing its years of roll grinding experience, Wallen, Inc. has developed an electrical package that gives the operators the control necessary to grind the wide variety of today's rolls with a cost much less than a full CNC.