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Laser Alignment of the roll grinder bed ensures that the grinding wheel travels straight; we warranty straight within .0005 of an inch. This minimizes grinding time on steel rolls and improves quality of rubber and other rolls that are ground with only one wheel or with belts.

The laser unit indicates position in millionths of an inch and records readings to .0001 of an inch. The unit provides the Service Technician control of adjustments to the roll grinder bed. Straightness of the bed is warranted within .0005 of an inch; however, it is not uncommon to achieve straightness of .0002 or .0003 of an inch.

Straightness is subject to temperature and temperature changes. A controlled atmosphere such as an enclosed room with temperature control is preferred. When you deal with metal and .0001 of an inch, there will be changes. The amount of these changes is somewhat dependant upon the process used to make the bed alignment.

Wallen, Inc.'s Service Technician will leave the Customer a print-out graph of the bed prior to the laser alignment and a final graph after all adjustments are completed. Periodic laser alignments are recommended as needed.