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Wallen, Inc. specializes in roll grinders. Our Service Technicians have more than sixty years experience in repairing, rebuilding, inspecting, scraping ways and bearings, and installing roll grinders. They do their work with enthusiasm and expertise!

When a roll grinder is not functioning as it should, Wallen Inc.'s on-site inspection gives a detailed analysis and evaluation of the situation and offers remedies to get the grinder operating as it was designed. An annual inspection keeps the grinder in top condition and may avoid an unexpected breakdown that can prove to be costly.

If you have trouble getting a good profile, a laser alignment may be beneficial. Utilizing laser technology, Wallen Inc. is able to straighten the grinder bed so that the grinding wheel travels straight within .0005 inches. A hard-copy profile is evidence of the quality of Wallen, Inc.'s work.

Operators who receive on-going training are more efficient and work smarter in accomplishing their tasks. Wallen, Inc.'s personalized classroom instruction and hands-on training are important steps toward enabling operators to improve both quality and productivity.

Wallen, Inc.'s experienced technicians are willing to step in on a short notice for dealing with a problematic roll grinder either on-site or on the telephone. Wallen, Inc. also makes itself available as a professional consultant in the areas of machine enhancement, troubleshooting, and overall roll grinding process improvement.

Our services include: